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Globcal International

Globcal International

Cooperative international non-governmental organization, benign non-state actor, and offshore sustainable development foundation specializing in the formation of environmental programs, social enterprise projects, diplomatic engagements and infrastructure planning of community based initiatives using goodwill ambassadors and global citizens.

Globcal International is a versatile nonprofit social enterprise development cooperative that is also a decentralized autonomous organization which produces an output (benefit) for its cooperative members' initiatives, missions, programs and projects based on the input received by subcommittees of its cooperative members assisted by volunteers from crowdsourcing and the social media. In short, it is a nonprofit social enterprise start-up incubator that invests in its own member developed programs (social capital) for the public benefit of the organization's causes and member's initiatives it supports.

In 2020, Globcal International became part of a US corporation that is a public charity, Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation in Kentucky. It found that after operating for 10 years basically as an unincorporated and an offshore entity, it needed the legal protection and credibility of being incorporated within the United States. While incorporation in any other country would work for the organization, being located outside of the United States makes it more difficult to request financial support, grants or to secure investments. As a result of the merger Globcal now adopts, develops or organizes only initiatives that are consistent with the mission and purposes of Ecology Crossroads.

Globcal International has organized more than 10 successful events and programs since 2009, as a subsidiary of Ecology Crossroads it has engaged in the implementation and coordination of 13 initiatives under more than 30 long-time members, all of the programs under development are focused on the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.


October 6, 2019
Globcal International works with Ecology Crossroads of Kentucky to help establish an indigenous chocolate factory in venezuela.


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