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Gleec Coin (GLEEC)

Gleec Coin (GLEEC)


Discover Gleec Coin

Gleec Coin is an utility coin that finds its main use as the native coin of Gleec Ecosystem, a digital ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. A Bitcoin Fork coin, GLEEC entered the crypto market in 2019 and since then it is considered one of the most promising blockchain projects.

Send crypto from your wallet to your Visa Card in seconds

With the Gleec Top-Up Visa Card, you can spend your Gleec Coin, BTC and others at more than 50 million merchants worldwide. Order your virtual or physical card and instantly top-up with your digital assets, all at your Gleec Card Wallet app. After this, spend your crypto anytime, anywhere. Download the app and discover our high limits, low fees options.

Buy & sell Crypto

Gleec BTC Exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform that provides access to the major crypto in the market, including Gleec Coin, as well as EUR-BTC and EUR-GLEEC trading pairs. The exchange network was designed to ensure great transparency, guaranteed security, and easy traceability.

Upgrade your trading experience

Now Gleec Coin holders are able to store and trade the coins with atomic swaps powered by GleecDEX. The decentralised trading platform allow users to send GLEEC, BTC and others from one non-custodial wallet to another, making possible peer-to-peer trading with no middleman. With a focus on security and usability, Atomic swaps are designed such that the trading occur in minutes and traders either receive the funds they desire or retain the funds at the wallet.


January 30, 2022

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January 27, 2022


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