George Washington

George Washington

First president of the united states

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February 22, 1732
George Washington was born in Westmoreland County.



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Dave Levinthal and C. Ryan Barber
April 30, 2021
Business Insider
"FARA is definitely having its moment in the spotlight now," said Robert Kelner, chairman of law firm Covington & Burling's election and political law practice.
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Joe Biden made a ton of healthcare hires this week, a former top government ethics official has a new gig, and Capitol Hill staffers are making moves.
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February 3, 2021
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San Francisco, frustrated that K-12 classes remain closed as education leaders rename schools, sued the district Wednesday to force a reopening.
January 22, 2021
The U.S. Postal Service announced the appointment of three members to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC). Created in 1957, the CSAC selects subjects for recommendation as future stamp issues, made with all postal customers in mind, including stamp collectors. Committee members, appointed by the Postmaster General, provide expertise on history, science and technology, art, education, sports and other subjects of public interest. The new members are: Kevin Butterfield Dr...
U.S. Postal Service
January 22, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- The U.S. Postal Service announced the appointment of three members to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC). Created in 1957, the CSAC...
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November 16, 2020
The worldwide musical hit Hamilton is coming to Australia with its diverse cast including Indigenous and Pasifika actors, and they hope the conversation about representation continues beyond the show.
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October 9, 2020
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These five October releases may have been lost in the news cycle
August 30, 2020
I worry about these individuals infecting one another and most certainly going back to their home, said Wen, who previously served as Baltimores health commissioner
Ted Widmer
July 4, 2020
the Guardian
Abraham Lincoln, the only president with his own patent, in a painting by George Peter Alexander. Photograph: Dea Picture Library/De Agostini/Getty Images
Our Foreign Staff
July 4, 2020
The Telegraph
Speaking to a largely maskless crowd, the president protesters had waged "a merciless campaign to wipe out our history"
Chris Ciaccia
February 25, 2020
Fox News
A 224-year-old letter from President George Washington to a Scottish nobleman in which the two discussed agriculture and farming has surfaced.
By Joe Pinkstone For Mailonline
February 20, 2020
Mail Online
The savvy skier, dubbed Rocket Man, was filmed as he blasted uphill at Glenshee Ski Centre in Aberdeenshire yesterday.
February 14, 2020
During his presidency, George Washington encountered many challenges. However, the legacy he left as the nation's first president reveals the kind of leader that he was. This is the story of Richard Nisley's book, "Washington in New York: George Washington and the First Congress of the United States.", , , , Nisley focuses on Washington's first term, particularly when New York was the capital of the United States (April 1789-July 1790). Although this only took place in the space of a few year...
Virginia Heffernan
December 17, 2019
Science and mathematics somehow got yoked to the vocational field of engineering and, worst of all, to "technology," which can mean almost anything--and nothing.
James Rogers
November 12, 2019
Fox News
A grim-looking 200-year-old set of false teeth that were dug up in a U.K. field will be auctioned later this month.
Robert J. Shiller
November 8, 2019
The political dangers get all the attention, but the business effects could weigh on the United States for years, a Nobel laureate says.
Aria Bendix
November 1, 2019
Business Insider
The Morgan Library and Museum in New York City houses the art collection of JP Morgan, who founded the banking firm now called JPMorgan Chase & Co.
May 7, 2019
Hominy Grill has closed. Sean Brock is gone. Tourism and prices are booming. What does all that portend for this influential food city?
April 7, 2019
Disputed remains were the right height and age and showed injuries consistent with the general's life. There was just one catch: "The skeleton looked very female."
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