The VC Fund formerly known as Google Ventures.

Today at TC's Disrupt show in San Francisco, we took the stage with David Krane, a longtime veteran of Google and its venture arm GV who who took the reins as CEO of GV three years ago but hasn't spoken publicly since despite knowing every reporter in Silicon Valley. We asked him why he's been [...]
There are numerous challenges to finding effective treatments for mental disorders. However, BlackThorn Therapeutics, a neurobehavioral health company using machine learning to create personalized medicine for mental health, is betting its technological approach to finding drugs that work will...
Firefly, the company connecting people, governments, and businesses with its dynamic smart media platform, today announced a $30 million Series A led by GV (formerly Google Ventures) with participation from NFX. The new investment will fuel Firefly's growth, supporting expansion to more...
As tech companies continue their race to control the smart home, a promising energy startup has raised a round of funding from traditionally-tech and strategic investors, for a geothermal solution to heat and cool houses. Dandelion Energy, a spinout from Alphabet X, has raised $16 million in a...
Bowery is part of a new crop of agriculture technology startups growing leafy greens in controlled environments near cities.

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