G2X Energy

G2X Energy

Energy technology company that develops, owns and operates production facilities that convert natural gas resources into liquid fuels for use in transportation.

G2X Energy is a Houston based petrochemical company which builds infrastructure for converting natural gas into methanol and fuels for worldwide distribution. It extracts and converts abundant, low-cost natural gas into methanol and gasoline for use in transportation. G2X is a subsidiary of Consolidated Energy Limited, the world’s second-largest methanol producer, owned by the German-and-Swiss-based Proman Group and Germany’s Helm AG.


Conversion of natural gas to methanol and transportation fuel for shipment around the world is the primary product for G2X Energy. The company uses proven procedures and the best available emission control technologies in both its conversion process to attain marketable methanol and unleaded automotive gasoline. G2X Energy uses alternative technology to Fisher-Tropsch principle to convert natural gas to liquid fuels.

Plants and Locations

Pampa Fuels is G2X Energy’s first operational natural gas to methanol plant in the United States built in 2015. It has a capacity of producing 185 metric tons of methanol per day.

In Construction

Natgasoline is natural gas to methanol plant in Beaumont, Texas. As of July 2019, the plant is in execution stage and is expected to produce five thousand metric tons of methanol per day. When operational, it will become the largest methanol plant in the United States.

Big Lake Fuels is natural gas to methanol and methanol-to-gasoline MTG-ready production facility in Lake Charles, Louisiana. G2X Energy partnered with Methanol Holdings Trinidad Limited (MHTL) to build a world-scale methanol conversion facility. The construction started on January 2016 and was set to take 3 years to complete. The plant is expected to produce 1.4 million metric ton of commercial grade methanol annually.


December 18, 2019
MHTL to Partner with G2X Energy in construction of new world class Methanol to Gas plant.

MHTL has been serving the U.S. market for over three decades and we, our shareholders Proman and Helm and our U.S. marketing partner Southern Chemical Corp. are very excited to announce our intention to partner with G2X Energy in this project," said Dennis Patrick, CEO of MHTL



Mr. Brent Gwaltney

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Clay Watson

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Mr. Daniel L. Wilson

Executive Vice President of Upstream

Mr. Steve Hirsh

Chief Commercial Officer and Senior Vice President

Mr. Timothy E. Vail

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

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June 27, 2016




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