FutureVault is a FutureVault is an information management company.

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Information management company

FutureVault is an information management company.


FutureVault is an information management company founded in 2014. FutureVault's Digital Collaborative Vault allows to securely store, organize and share personal, financial & legal documents from any device. FutureVault provides solutions for wealth management, banks, credit unions, professional services, affinity groups, and ad family offices.

The FutureVault Platform provides a curated Information Architecture , with a preloaded folder directory having 200 categories, and 1400 suggested documents and summary forms. Futurevault Platform also allows multiple entry filtering to segment and organize documents across multiple entities such as family, holding companies and businesses. This can be done from a single account.


The Platform offers better document storage using document tagging to identify, sort and search for any document across locations. FutureVault's Trusted Advisor Protocol empowers VaultHolders to give Trusted Advisors like wealth managers, lawyers, accountants and family members the ability to access and manage specific categories, folders or documents on their behalf.

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