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the character of vinland saga

Floki is a Jomsviking commander and was one of the principal Viking commanders under Sweyn during the invasion of England and subsequently under Canute. Floki is a central antagonist in Vinland Saga and the man who contracted Askeladd to assassinate his former comrade, Thors. This act orchestrated most of the events that happened in the series and caused great tragedy to the protagonist, Thorfinn.


Floki has fair hair which unlike that of other Vikings is kept trimmed to medium length. His beard is also trimmed to form a rectangle, giving his face a square-like appearance, and he doesn't have eyebrows. He has a large scar running down the right side of his face reaching down to his lip. He dresses in the same attire as his Jomsviking crew, although after his initial appearance when he was wearing a helmet, it has since been depicted without it.


Floki's only redeeming quality is that he genuinely cares for his grandson Baldur.

He is an extremely ambitious, cold and calculating man who'd stop at nothing to make Baldur chieftain of the Jomsvikings, even though Baldur had absolutely no interest in the chieftaincy.

Floki can also be very spiteful and petty. He held a grudge against Thors for many years, and eventually had Thors assassinated because of it.


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