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Farmacia Familiei

Farmacia Familiei

The company Farmacia Familiei is a fast growing network of drug stores all around Moldova, with the head office located in Chisinau. At the moment it is the biggest pharmaceutical (drug store) network in Moldova with over 150 sale points all across the country.

About Family Pharmacy

Founded in 2005, Farmacia Familiei is the largest national network of pharmacies in the Republic of Moldova, with over 190 branches open nationwide and over 1,000 employees, providing high quality products and services for about 2 million patients.

Family Pharmacy - a strong brand, mature and appreciated by customers, a fact confirmed by the awards obtained constantly, year by year: "Golden Mercury", "Notorium", "Brand of the Year".

Family Pharmacy has built its notoriety and prestige over time due to high standards of performance and responsibility in our business, being the reference model in the field of beauty and health, the first choice of customers and partners and the preferred employer by professionals.

With the slogan "Caring for the health of the family", the Family Pharmacy identifies itself with a "space where you are treated with care", where patients can always come for advice and health solutions - care and hygiene for any family member.

What do you recommend?

2 million loyal customers

Over 1,000 professionals

Wide range of products, over 30,000 items in the assortment

Pharmacies with extended and non-stop hours

“Family Card” loyalty card, which offers exclusive promotions and on-the-spot discounts on any purchase

Active involvement in social responsibility projects



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Despre Farmacia Familiei


Farmacia Familiei


January 4, 2021


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