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FC Real Pharma Odesa

FC Real Pharma Odesa

Professional football club based in ovidiopol, ukraine

FC Real Pharma Odesa is a professional Ukrainian football club from the city of Odessa. The "Pharma" portion of the name comes from pharmaceutical influences that are associated with the club's ownership as evident on the original logo which is in English rather than Ukrainian.

The team is currently playing Ukrainian Second League after competing in the Ukrainian Amateur championship. The club was formed in 2000.


The team was founded in 2000.

"Real Pharm" debut in the Ukrainian Second League in the 2011–12 season.

In 2013, the club moved their operations from Yuzhne to Ovidiopol and prior to the 2013–14 Ukrainian Second League season renamed the team to Real Pharma Ovidiopol.

The club moved their operations to Odesa prior to the start of the 2015–16 season.

Home stadiums

2011–2013 Spartak Stadium, Odessa

2013–2015 Dukov Dnister Stadium, Ovidiopol

2015–2016 Ivan Stadium, Odessa

2016– present Spartak Stadium, Odessa.

Former coaches

2000-2000 Mykola Lykhovydov

2001–2003 Mykola Lykhovydov & Serhiy Irichenko

2004–2005 Vasyl Mokan

2006-2006 Mykola Lykhovydov

2006–2008 Oleksandr Bondarenko

2009–2012 Mykola Lykhovydov

2013–2014 Ihor Korniyets

2014–2016 Russia Vladyslav Zubkov

2016–2017 Oleksandr Bondarenko (acting)

2017–2019 Andriy Kovalenko

2019–2020 Oleksandr Spitsyn

2020– Artem Riazantsev


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