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FC Barcelona Fan Token

FC Barcelona Fan Token

The $BAR Fan Token will give you the power to help the Culers make the right decisions, access VIP experiences, earn official products, and more.

FC Barcelona Fan Tokens ($BAR) are digital assets that can be purchased through the app, which will reward fans from all over the world for every activity they take on the app. They can climb leaderboards and earn reward points that can be used to purchase exclusive items and once-in-a-lifetime events. $BAR Fan Token holders can also expect a slew of new and exciting services, including chat, fan token trading, games and community challenges.

The Barça Fan Tokens were created in collaboration with Chiliz, the world's top blockchain-based fan engagement platform for sports and entertainment. The only official token of Barça, $BAR, was developed with the goal of attracting a larger worldwide audience and allowing fans to engage with their favorite football team around the world.

In June 2020, Barça Fan Tokens were introduced, with each $BAR costing €2 at the time of launch. Within hours of being made available, all 600,000 tokens were picked up for a total of $1.4 million.

Since then, $BAR token holders have influenced plenty of significant and entertaining club choices via polls. Token holders had the opportunity to vote on a variety of interesting things, including the design of a new mural that adorned the team locker room, the matchday playlist, and the message on the captain's armband.

In addition, 22 lucky $BAR token holders were chosen to play at Camp Nou for the first time, and the fan token holders also influenced the first fan token exchange of $JUV and $BAR between Juventus and Barça team members.

How Does FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR) Work?

The token functions similarly to most other fan tokens. Instead of the wider Ethereum network, the Socios platform uses its own blockchain technology, known as Chiliz.

The Chiliz blockchain is used to create all fan tokens, and the platform votes are executed as a series of smart contracts that run on the $CHZ utility token in the Chiliz blockchain.

Token Hunts,'s in-app Augmented Reality (AR) function, allows fans to earn free $CHZ and $BAR fan tokens on a regular basis.

Token holders are required to participate in surveys and polls linked to the club's daily activities in order to receive unique prizes and experiences.

Unique Features of FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR)

Being a part of the culé team allows you to be closer to the club you love from anywhere in the world.

With Just One $BAR You Can Sway Club Decisions

You only need one token to strategize influencing your favorite team's and their club's decisions and enter the Fan Rewards contests. Some fan rewards, however, may require you to have more than one token in order to be eligible.

VIP Benefits

Fan tokens allow you to enjoy great perks, some of which have already occurred, such as VIP hospitality access to Camp Nou where 22 fans were chosen to play a game, the opportunity to meet your favorite Barça players, and even get exciting signed merchandise from them, and much more.

Vote in Important Poll Decisions

Your tokens enable you to vote in important poll decisions hosted by the app. You can only vote once per poll, but your vote's weight is determined by the number of Fan Tokens you own. For instance, if you have 20 Fan Tokens, your vote will be counted as 20. Each poll is limited to a certain number of Fan Tokens set by the club. These tokens are not spent after voting in a poll, but purchasing more fan tokens will increase your influence within your club and provide you with exclusive rewards.

$BAR Bonuses

Holders of $BAR Fan Tokens will have VIP access to all home league, cup and European matches. But that's just the beginning, you can have access to signed memorabilia, watching a match with your favorite club legend, or flying with the team to an away game. On the app, you can earn fan rewards by taking quizzes, playing games and voting on club decisions.

How to Buy Barcelona Fan Token ($BAR)?

Obtaining tokens from your favorite soccer club is a much easier and faster process than you might think.

Fans must use Chiliz ($CHZ),'s digital currency, to purchase Barça Fan Tokens. Fans can purchase $CHZ using the app or by transferring funds from a digital wallet. also has a store where you can buy Fan Tokens.

FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR) Tokenomics

$BAR has a total token supply of 40,000,000, of which approximately 3,551,675.00 BAR is the circulating supply among the club supporters. BAR has the remaining tokens, which can be obtained by participating in community events via the Binance Launchpool, or by purchasing directly on exchanges.


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