Epik (domain registrar)

Epik (domain registrar)

Epik is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and web hosting company known for providing services to contriversial websites. It has been described by the far-left journalism website Vice as "a safehaven for the extreme right" because of its willingness to host websites that have been shut down by other web hosts.

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The company touts itself as a protector of free speech, and CEO Rob Monster has described Epik as "the Swiss bank of domains". Epik has a history of not responding to reports of illegal activity on the websites they register, which is unusual for domain registrars based in the United StatesUnited States. Pharmaceutical watchdog website LegitScript has reported that they alerted Epik to the sale of illegal drugs and counterfeit medications on websites registered by Epik, and that Epik has not acted upon the information.

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