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Enterprise Investment Scheme

Enterprise Investment Scheme

UK's government-sponsored venture capital scheme for investors to finance small UK-based companies.

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a venture capital scheme program sponsored by the United Kingdom’s government. EIS is managed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs department. The program has been carried out since 1994. It specifically targets smaller companies that are not listed on any stock exchanges. EIS also functions as tax relief for the company’s investors.

Program Details

There are a number of qualifications that a company must abide to receive investments through this program. Like the rest of the other government-sponsored venture capital scheme program, the company needs to be based in the United Kingdom and carrying out government-approved business trades. It must also not be a subsidiary of another company and be listed in any stock exchange worldwide. For the EIS program, the company must have less than £15 million in gross assets, fewer than 250 employees, and has made its first commercial transaction in more than 7 years since its founding date.

Each individual investor can invest a maximum of £1 million per year and at any EIS-qualified companies. There is no minimum amount that an individual investor must fund in the companies. The tax relief that the investors can claim is up to 30% of the total amount invested.



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