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Engineering company «Prosoft-Systems» Ltd.

Engineering company «Prosoft-Systems» Ltd.

Engineering company «Prosoft-Systems» Ltd. has been developing, supplying and implementing turnkey high-tech devices and automation systems for energy, oil and gas, metallurgical and other industries since 1995.

Prosoft-Systems company has been developing and delivering turnkey solutions in the field of high-tech devices and automation systems for power energy, oil and gas, metallurgical industries and so on since 1995.

Over the years, the company has established itself as a reliable developer of software and hardware for the domestic market. Manufactured products and complex solutions of Prosoft-Systems demonstrate their successful operation at large power energy and industry holding companies of Russian Federation and other foreign countries.

Company structure consists of:

  • R&D centre
  • multifunctional fullscale manufacturing facility
  • accredited testing laboratory, calibration, and electrotechnical laboratory
  • training centre
  • branches in Russian Federation and CIS countries
  • technical support service

Wide range of services makes it possible for the company to fulfil the customer's requirements while working with the unique projects: from designing of a single product to complex service of large-scale serial orders.


Prosoft-Systems has a high-capacity R&D centre. Currently its staff comprises 650 highly experienced professionals. Over 50 % of them design new devices and systems. Due to their knowledge, experience and ambitions every year we have many improvements in production devices, extension of existing device families and creation of new innovative products.

We have well-organized process of devices development (and complex solutions based on such). There is confirmed R&D (research and development) plan for every department of our company. According to this plan we have 3‑4 projects that are processed at the same time. Our company releases up to 10 new devices every year.

Our company cooperates with state institutes of higher education and carries out research projects in collaboration with scientists from power energy institutes.


During its activity Prosoft-Systems takes into account different open international standards and technologies and tries to deliver reliable innovative solutions in compliance with worldwide requirements.

Prosoft-Systems has an international expert status in the field of power, energy and automation systems. Also the company is a member of workgroups and research committees of authoritative international organizations, such as:

  • OPC Foundation
  • EtherCAT Technology Group

This fact allows the company not only having a dialog and support from mutually advantageous cooperation with foreign expert organizations but also taking part in development of worldwide standards.



• Automatic vibration monitoring and diagnostic system (AVMDS as part of the Regul ACS TG) created

• Compact ISS-1.3 time server created

• 2,000th MKPA cabinet and 1,000th AVANT released

• Integrated software of the REGUL PLC line received a certificate from the international organization OPC Foundation for its compliance with the requirements of the OPC UA standard

• The REGUL R500 PLC recognized by the corresponding European Union Directive in technical regulation and approved for use on the European market

• REGUL R500 PLC received certificate of inclusion in the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

• The State Register of Equipment of Domestic Manufacturers and Software includes: the REGUL RX00 controller line, the Regul ACS TG, the MKPA-2 emergency control system, and the Redkit software package

• Redkit trademark registered in the Public Register of Trademarks and Service Marks

• The company's products awarded PJSC Rosseti's mark of quality at MFES-2018

• Created integrated systems of smart commercial electricity-metering, fault recording, data exchange with system operator, and SIPS for the facilities of Kaliningradskaya Generation LLC — Mayakovskaya TPP, Talakhovskaya TPP, Pregolskaya TPP* and Primorskay

• Construction of the second stage of the Smart Grid in Tatarstan (JSC Grid Company) completed: the second stage of FLISR system was introduced in Kazan, Nizhnekamsk and Naberezhnye Chelny

• Active power output automation was implemented to meet the System Operator's requirements regarding the SPP's participation in the GPFC at Zavodskaya SPP (Solar Systems LLC)

• Emergency control automation system created at Rogunskaya HPP (Tajikistan)

• Emergency control equipment was supplied and commissioning works were carried out at the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP and the FGC UES PJSC substations engaged in power output

• Reconstructed emergency control system at MES Volga facilities

• Compliance with international quality standards confirmed


• Regul R200 PLC serial production launches

• UNC-3.2 remote modules developed and implemented

• 100th TPA-02 terminal released and operational by August

• Output increases by 25%

• Company's production capacity increased

• UPK-C and TPA-01 installed at 220 kW substations of oil-pumping facilities

• Integrated implementation of automation systems at Yakutskaya TPP-2

• Telecontrol and communications systems designed for the IDGC of Center

• First implementation of a fault location, isolation and service restoration system (FLISR) at the Grid Company LLC (Republic of Tatarstan)

• A project for a fault-tolerant PAS with high-grade control circuits on the basis of the Regul R500 was implemented

• WAMS serial deliveries begin

• Serial deliveries for the Regul R500 PLC to oil trunk pipeline facilities begin

• Digital substation automation in Switzerland

• The company was awarded a gold medal and 1st class certificate at the international exhibition Electrical Networks of Russia 2017

• The company's environmental management system complies with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001:2015.

• Developers School opens


• Developed and began commercial production of DCU ECOM-3100

• Developed the ISS-2

• Released the 6500th DCU of the ECOM series

• The process automation system, smart electricity-metering system for commercial and technical purposes are put into operation

• Complex automation at Akademicheskaya CHP

• Expanded the geographical scope of deliveries for transceivers AVANT K400

• RES-3 implementation expanded and the first deliveries to Uzbekistan completed

• A smart electricity-metering system was created for 9 key facilities of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium

• Web-portal for Prosoft-Systems technical support launched

• New training center opens at Prosoft-Systems

• Microprocessor automation system for industrial rain and wastewater treatment plants (IRWTP) created and implemented


• Eighth version of the Energosfera software package released

• REGUL R500 series PLC developed

• AVANT K400 transceiver certified at PJSC Rosseti

• Created a monitoring and diagnostic system (MDS)

• Smart commercial electricity-metering system designed as part of an innovative IDGC of Ural project for a remote, high-voltage station

• Project to create unified automated process control system completed at Sakmarskaya SPP

• Completed international project to restore the emergency control system of the energy system in the Republic of Tajikistan

• Major equipment delivery completed to meet the needs of the Alatau Zharyk Company JSC and KEGOC JSC.

• Work commissioned for Nadym-Salekhard UPK-C-based fiber optic communication channel.

• First shipment of AVANT R400 to Kyrgyzstan

• Participated in SO UES JSC testing

• Opening of Prosoft-Systems multifunctional manufacturing complex

• Electrical laboratory created

• The environmental management system meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 14001-2007 (ISO 14001:2004).


• ProJ CAD created

• ISS-1 and UNC-3.1 developed

• AVANT K400 developed and launched into serial production

• REGUL R600 developed and put into serial production

• Comprehensive implementation of automation systems at Nizhnevartovskaya TPP

• Expanded cooperation with the Republic of Kazakhstan

• Process data acquisition and transmission system created and SIPS emergency control devices was implemented at Cherepetskaya TPP

• First smart commercial gas fuel metering measuring complex installed

• Project to create a WAMS hardware and software package completed at Urengoyskaya TPP

• Pilot project implemented to create PAS at the Iset 500 kW substation

• Smart commercial electricity-metering system restored at Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP

• Development of a new area of focus—automation of solar-power generation facilities

• Equipment supplied to create an automated process control system for the TPP electrical equipment at PJSC T Plus facilities

• Prosoft-Systems specialists join the new subcommittee of the RNC CIGRE S6

• Automated gas metering systems created at Vologodskaya CHP and Kurganskaya CHP-2

• Major shipment of the CMS-STP hardware and software package to implement the "South Stream" pipeline project

• GDP with telemetry monitoring system supplied to meet the needs of UMMC-Steel

• IRWTP supplied to meet the needs of Vostoknefteprovod LLC

• Test production launched for IEESWPCS

• Number of employees—500 people


• Participation in the construction of Olympic facilities

• A new version of the CVA vibration controller is released

• The 3000th IVD-3 sensor released

• The 5000th DCTD ECOM-3000 controller released

• Software version release for the WAMS recorder

• Modernization projects of the power facilities in Kazakhstan implemented

• Putting CMS-PST into operation

• Construction of power facilities for the Universiade in Kazan

• Gold medal and first place certificate won in the XVI International Exhibition Electric Networks of Russia 2013

• The Prosoft-Systems calibration laboratory accredited

• Prosoft-Systems is “The Best Team," according to the Energoproriv contest

• Received the prize in "Global Market" ("Best Exporter")


• Data acquisition & transmission systems and process data acquisition & transmission systems commissioned by one of the largest substations in Belarus

• More than 1,000 pieces were produced by May 2012. UPK-C

• Serial production of AVANT RZSK

• Won the 1st National Youth Competition "Future Energy"

• Supply of Energosfera 7 software package begins for the retail energy market

• By June 2012, more than 4,000 ECOM-3000 DATD released

• Nyaganskaya TPP put automated process control and telemechanics systems into commercial operation

• Serial production for KGPS-1U launches

• Production and supply of KS-GDS as a part of the creation of UITS

• By November 2012, more than 1,000 pieces were released MKPA

• Surgutskaya TPP-2 implements WAMS

• IT infrastructure created and put into operation at Sverdlovsk RDC


• Emergency-control terminal 01 developed and put into operation

• Integrated supply of a special integrity protection scheme for the generating system at the Kalinin NPP

• UPAE complex implemented at MES Ural

• Developed AVANT RZSK, a combination receipt-transmission device and high-frequency post

• Implemented the first smart commercial electricity-metering system for the retail market

• First CVA device implemented

• Work performed on building automated energy resources technical record-keeping and smart commercial electricity-metering systems

• Major equipment delivery for oil trunk pipeline facilities

• Implemented telemetry systems at 245 GDS in the Leningrad region.

• Prosoft-Systems launched of an automated installation line for printed circuit boards in its production shops.

• Prosoft-Systems manufacturing and storage facility is put into operation

• Prosoft-Systems first corporate scientific developers conference held

• Number of employees—400 people


• Prosoft-Systems electromagnetic capability testing laboratory certified

• Prosoft-Systems quality management system complies with ISO 9001:2008

• Obtained ENERGOSFERA copyright

• Received the All-Russian Exhibition Center "Gold Medal"

• About 3,000 ECOM-3000 DATD were released and more than 350 AMR projects were implemented


• International offices open

• AMR implemented in the Republic of Belarus

• Received the All-Russian Exhibition Center "Gold Medal"

• Received the "Professional Recognition" award

• 2,500 KS hardware and software packages implemented under AMR program

• First construction and renovation projects for Sredneuralskaya TPP and Kurganskaya CHP-2

• automated process control systems for JSC SUMZ developed and implemented

• Component supply to meet the needs of OJSC Ural Electrochemical Combine

• Joined NP SRZAU

• Number of employees—300 people


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September 6, 2021


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