Emsland Group

Emsland Group

Emsland Group is a food company producing refined starch products, potato flakes, granules, proteins and fibers for the food retail sector. The company was founded in 1928, and is headquartered out of Emlichheim, Germany.

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Emsland Group is a German company foudned in 1928, and headquartered in Emlichheim, Germany. Emsland Group is the largest potato starch producer in EuropeEurope, and is one of the worlds leading potato starch manufacturers. The company makes a wide variety of potato and pea based food ingredients and additives such as: potato starch, potato starch derivates, potato fibers, potato flakes, potato granules, pea starch, pea starch derivatives, pea fibers, pea proteins, and other food ingredients and additives derived from corn, tapioca, and wheat. The Emsland Group also makes customized ingredient and additive solutions for its customers. These customized solutions are made for a wide range of industries such as adhesives, flocking agents, construction additives, textiles, and filters.