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Virtual personal assistant for daily travel with Artificial Intelligence is an artificial intelligence company providing digital travel assistant which can analyze and perform tasks to make travel durations short. The company’s assistant can learn about travel preference and schedules to suggest plans to save time and money. The assistant is targeted towards frequent work travelers.

Product is a virtual travel assistant which can help travelers make better plans without the need to consider many aspects related to travel and navigation. The assistant can provide its service through web, email, or chat bot integration on popular chat application like Slack. The assistant integrates with the users Google calendar to find travel schedules. Users also can manually input their work schedules so it can work around them. The machine learning assistant can find events overlap and probable disruptions to alert users to take actions.

The assistant gathers travel schedules, lists them in a dashboard and recommends the user with the best ways to travel for each event. The travel recommendations include a shortest path to the destination, time to travel, and modes of travel. International travelers can also get information and warnings about safety, health, and immigration ahead of time.

The assistant collects the travel duration for the user so users can analyze how they have spent their time. It also uses predictive analysis to predict approximate time duration for travel 30 days ahead of time.


Aaron Mason and Alexander Chervinsky founded the company. The company started the service’s beta testing through ProductHunt invitations.



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