Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a serial entrepreneur known for creating high-tech, science fiction inspired ventures.

Elon Musk's electric-car company began the year with high expectations. But it has confronted a series of problems and a loss of investor confidence.
Few companies have created such strong and divergent opinions across Wall Street as Tesla. But that divide appears to be narrowing.
Compensation for top bosses grew at double the pace of ordinary workers' wages, according to our annual analysis. Topping the list: Elon Musk, with a $2.3 billion package.
SpaceX, the private rocket company of high-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, launched the first batch of 60 small satellites into low-Earth orbit on Thursday for Musk's new Starlink internet service.
Tesla's stock and bonds tumbled on Monday as investors worried about the automaker's cash burn and problems with an Autopilot system that CEO Elon Musk has held out as key to the electric car maker's future.
Elon Musk's company will wait until next week to test its system that aims to provide high-speed internet all over the world.
To make enough money for interplanetary journeys, Elon Musk's company hopes to provide high-speed internet all over the world.
A U.S. judge on Friday said Elon Musk must face a defamation lawsuit by a British diver who said he was falsely branded a pedophile and child rapist by the chief executive of electric car company Tesla Inc.
Tesla is raising up to $1.55 billion through the sale of notes and shares, according to a filing made by the EV maker today. The document outlines that Tesla will sell up to $1.35 billion in convertible senior notes. The number could increase further: Tesla is giving underwriters the chance to...
Billionaires and business leaders have flocked to Los Angeles for the annual conference in L.A. They have socialism on their minds.
Securities regulators and the chief executive of Tesla came up with a new agreement about when Mr. Musk's social media posts must be reviewed by a lawyer.
Social media platforms have a role in inciting violence, but there's little evidence to suggest that shutting them down prevents escalation.
A capital raise for Tesla Inc will not come cheap and Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk must finally prove to investors that he can produce and deliver Model 3s and higher margin electric cars on time, Wall Street analysts said on Thursday.
The business man no longer wants to join the Fed's board, citing a pay cut that would make others tell their boss "where to go."
Mr. Musk said Tesla cars would soon drive themselves and serve as robot taxis. But many experts think autonomous cars are at least several years away.
The electric carmaker entrepreneur makes a new promise on driverless vehicles.
Elon Musk's SpaceX suffered an anomaly in one of its Crew Dragon capsules while conducting engine tests at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Saturday, the company said.
The move, which will reduce the number of directors to seven, is meant to improve corporate governance of the electric car company.
The adversaries told a judge they were working to resolve a dispute over Mr. Musk's statements on financial prospects. Regulators had sought a contempt citation.
The Museum of English Rural Life now appears as Elon Musk on Twitter after he used their sheep picture.