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Electronics industry

Electronics industry

Electronic industry - the industry for the production of electronic components and products from them, the most science-intensive branch of modern engineering, in general, up to 2/3 of all products of the electronic industry - this is the most complex science-intensive technology.

The electronic industry is the brainchild of the scientific and technological revolution, the role of the scientific potential of countries and firms in the development of new (innovative) types and types of its products and the creation of advanced production technologies is extremely great. This predetermined close cooperation between research institutions and manufacturing enterprises. In the conditions of market competition, it was necessary to drastically reduce the time cycle from product development to its release. This was done in technopolises (such as the famous Silicon Valley in the USA). They practically do not have a territorial (and hence temporal) gap between scientific research and production, thereby achieving high economic efficiency of the entire cycle - from the moment a new idea appears to the mass production of goods.


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