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Elad Gil

Elad Gil

Elad Gil is an American entrepreneur, angel investor, and the co-founder of Color.

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Gil has a bachelor's degrees in mathematics and molecular biology from the Univeristy of California San Diego. He also earned a PhD in biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2001.


He is a chairman of the crypto fund Electric Capital. He is also a chairman of the drug discovery company Spring Discovery. As of 2021, Gil is an advisor for the following companies: Harbor, Rentmetrics, Schematic Labs, Bitwise, Adku, Age 1, LIFX, Founders Den, HealthSherpa, Mino Games,, and BioAge.


Gil co-founded Color. He is also a chairman, and previously held the role of the company's CEO from 2013 to fall 2016.

In 2013, Gil co-founded Color Genomics with Othman Laraki. He is also a chairman of the company, and previously held the role of CEO from 2013 to fall 2016. Color is a population health technology company that performs genetic testing for heriditary genes such as cancer and heart disease. They offer testing kits for both physician and individual use. The company is headquartered in Burlingame, California.

In 2020, Color expanded its testing services to produce testing kits for the virus COVID-19. The company developed a new, high-throughput lab to process as many as 10,000 tests per day with results reported within 24 hours to physicians.

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