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Editions of Dungeons & Dragons

Editions of Dungeons & Dragons

Video Game

Editions of Dungeons & Dragons :

A game Dungeon Dragon Knights immerses you in a mysterious and dangerous world of dungeons, where a fierce enemy lurks around every turn, ready for a surprise attack, and the surrounding objects serve to improve skills and abilities - just solve a puzzle or find out a secret.

One is not a warrior in a dungeon, so the game begins with the creation of a team of 4 fighters who, together, will try not to fall into traps, uncover the secrets of dark corridors, travel through portals, and simply survive, exterminating along the way everyone who does not like it. Following to the goal, it is important to be attentive in order to notice the danger in time or not to pass by the next mysterious object..

On the road, your team is accompanied by a beautiful tavern mistress or a sorceress, who instructs you to find a dragon knight and take away a powerful magical artifact from him. Magic accompanies your character throughout the game. He must follow the fire along dangerous underground corridors, make up spells from runes against those attacking him, and if he gets confused, magic stones will help him.

The game is implemented with a first-person view, making you literally feel the cold and dampness of the dungeons with your skin, and sometimes goosebumps. It is not easy to survive here, but using logic and ingenuity, pumping the magic and fighting characteristics of the character, and, by the way, not forgetting to feed him, you can overcome all difficulties and get to the goal.


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