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ETNA Metabolism

ETNA Metabolism

ETNA Network | Game is a blockchain company dedicated to developing interconnected products in DeFi, gaming and NFT applications.

ETNA Network Intro

ETNA Network is like a crypto galaxy, it is a one-stop ecosystem for interconnected crypto products and technologies. As such, it is a multi-utility ecosystem with products cutting across DeFi, NFT, gaming and everything in between.


To maintain high-end security, products and features are built to operate in a decentralize manner, only users have their login credentials. All smart contracts are developed with security best practices. Several multi-sig vaults, event alarms and more.


ETNA Network’s main objective is to build user-centered crypto products that even the inexperienced users can interact with easily. Our dApps are also developed to operate optimally on any type of device, serving both web and mobile users.


The crypto space is dynamic and constantly evolving. While ETNA Network focuses mainly on its roadmap, it is constantly evolving also. ETNA aims to be the hub for new crypto applications thereby always connecting users with opportunities.

Play to Earn

ETNA Network's game is known as The Lost Treasure. It is is a Play-To-Earn game where players battle or complete adventures using NFT game assets and earn tokens for every battle won or level completed. The game adopts some part of the Greek mythology with a premise that is based on the idea that at a time that predates time, Plutus the god of treasure had hidden a huge amount of treasure as instructed by Zeus the god of the sky. Many tried to find the resting place of this treasure ruins but failed. The time came, after Zeus was long gone, a vital clue was revealed by Plutus, the resting place of the treasure was revealed to be in the deepest core of Mount Etna. Many heroes have journey from far and near, from the past and the future to EtnaVerse in their quest to find the lost treasure.

As a play-to-earn game with an interesting storyline, it give game players an avenue to earn while having fun. In the development of The Lost Treasure, ETNA Network is kin to cater to all kinds of users, both experienced and the inexperienced ones buy providing game options that would serve both groups.

Game Options

The Lost Treasure game offer players two playing options, each of which come with different levels and modes and of course limitations as would be discussed in the next subsection.

Simulation Option

In this option which is also known as the Quick Play option, the player does not actually battle or control the game character during the game, both the player’s character and the opponent are controlled by algorithm. The player can better his/her chances of winning by carefully selecting his/her game character, weapons, and enhancements. It is also key to select a level with a better odd of victory. This option is for inexperienced gamers, giving them an avenue to earn without requiring any playing skills.

The simulation option is currently limited to one mode, a Player verses Environment (PvE) or Player verses Computer (PvC) mode which is essentially a player battling an opponent controlled by game AI (computer) and not by another player.

This option has 4 different levels which differ by game difficulty and earning, they are:

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced
  • Professional
Skill-Based Option

The Skill-based option can also be viewed as a full Playing/Fighting option. In the Skill-based option, the player has to control the character making it fight its opponent or complete required steps in a level. Unlike the simulation option where the outcome of the battle is dependent on only data, in the Skill-based option, the skills of the player also matters. This option is designed for seasoned gamers, players with skills. It is designed to maximize fun while playing to earn.

The Skill-based option has the following modes:

  • Player vs Player/Environment mode
  • Adventure/treasure hunt mode
  • Tournament mode

Similar to the simulation option, the PvE has the same levels but the PvP and even the Tournament mode does not since it is one player battling another.

The structure of the adventure is different and with several levels and gets more difficult and complex as a player progresses.

NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace V1.0

With this version, users can purchase (mint) The Void NFT category, these NFTs can currently be used in the deployed play-to-earn game, simulation mode.

Version 1.0 Upgrade:

In coming weeks, there will be an upgrade to the NFT marketplace. The upgrade will essentially include the deployment of the sales mechanics for The Cronos category NFTs and the integration of these category of NFTs.

Please go to the NFT subsection for more details on the two categories of NFTs that will be available on the NFT marketplace.

NFT Marketplace V2.0

With the NFT marketplace version 2 deployed, two additional features will be added, these are:

NFT Factory:

The NFT Marketplace will be equipped with the tools to enable users mint artworks and collectibles into NFTs

P2P Marketplace:

Where users can deploy custom NFT mini-kiosk and list their NFTs for sale or for auction.

The NFT marketplace V 2.0 is built to be user-friendly and will support quality NFTs. Users will also be able to set parameters such as currency to be used for the sale, rarity level and many more.



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