Duke University

Duke University

Duke University is a private research university in Durham, North Carolina.

Research found a part in the brain that controls functions like the ability to plan, control impulses, lacking.
On a warm day in April 2013, I was sitting in a friend's kitchen in Paris, trying to engineer serendipity. I was trying to get my...By John Supko
The statuettes can be opened up to reveal removable organs and sometimes even a fetus. Duke University, North Carolina researchers have imaged them using micro-CT.
Research shows how corporate and scientific R&D have splintered since the 1970s.
Among those who applied for the class of 2021, Fuqua reports that 22% were admitted. Here's how to get into the No. 11 business school in the world.
Stephen Miller has a long history of controversy, and he has become a key policy driver in the Trump White House.
For representational purposes By PTI WASHINGTON: The walking speed of 45-year-olds -- particularly their fastest walking speed without running -- is related to the ageing process undergone by their brains and bodies, according to a study. The researchers, including those from Duke University in...
Many of them avoid the equal sign, hoping to promote a looser relationship of "equivalence" instead. It's been controversial.
Researchers have found a potential silver lining in so-called adversarial examples, using it to shield sensitive data from snoops.
The consortium allegedly "unfairly promotes the positive aspects of Islam" but not Judaism or Christianity.
The state and its top insurer are pushing to pay health care providers based on whether they keep people healthy, not for each service they provide.
The Pfizer Foundation announced today 20 grants* to help non-governmental organizations (NGOs), non-profits and social enterprises address critical health challenges related to infectious diseases, including the increasing threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), in some of the world's most...
The idea of economic amends for past injustices and persistent disparities is getting renewed attention. Here are some formulas for achieving the aim.
The university submitted falsified data in connection with 30 grants obtained from the N.I.H. and E.P.A., according to a whistle-blower lawsuit.
ZAGREB, Croacia y WASHINGTON, February 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- International Society for Applied Biological Sciencs (ISABS), la Clínica Mayo y St. Catherine...

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