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Drug discovery

Drug discovery

Drug discovery is the process by which new candidate medications are discovered.

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Drug discovery is the process by which new candidate medications are discovered. It combines the fields of medicine, biotechnology, chemistry, and pharmacology to create new safe and effective medications and treatments. Traditional approaches to drug discovery involve identifying medicinal properties and compounds in found in plants and other traditional medical remedies. Technological developments in software, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, and manufacturing have widened the possibilities of drug discovery beyond traditional drug discovery methods.

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other software developments have made it possible to increase the speed, cost, and overall effectiveness of the drug discovery process through enhancing pattern recognition. Thomas Chittenden, a team leader at the drug discovery company Wuxi NextCODE, commented on the role AI is playing in the drug discovery process in an interview with the scientific journal Nature by saying:

AI is going to lead to the full understanding of human biology and give us the means to fully address human disease. The way we develop drugs and assess them in clinical trials will all come down to very sophisticated pattern recognition.

Drug discovery companies

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