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Dmitry Nagiyev

Dmitry Nagiyev

Russian actor, Entertainer, Tv and Radio presenter

Dmitry Nagiyev is a Soviet and Russian actor, TV and radio host, showman, musician.

Biography of Dmitry Nagiyev

Dmitry Nagiyev was born on April 4, 1967 in Leningrad. His paternal ancestors were Arabs who lived in Iran. After the First World War, they fled from hunger to Turkmenistan. Only nine-year-old Gulam, Dmitry's future grandfather, survived from the whole family. The boy was found and brought to the orphanage by a man named Nagiyev. After some time, the foundling began to call himself Nikolai. Nikolai Nagiyev married Gertrude Tsopka, a girl of Latvian-German origin. Gertrude danced in the corps de ballet of the Bolshoi Theater.

Dmitry's mother, Lyudmila Zakharovna, was the daughter of the first secretary of the Petrograd district party committee and a singer of the Kirov Theater. She taught foreign languages. His father, Vladimir Nikolaevich, dreamed of becoming an artist, played at the Red Army Theater in Ashgabat until the age of 17, but did not enter a theater university, worked as an engineer at the Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Plant.

When Dmitry was 11 years old and his brother Wife was 7, his parents divorced.

Dmitry Nagiyev recalled: "We lived so poorly - it is impossible to convey. I remember how in the sixth grade I complained to my mother that my shoes were too tight and I couldn't wear them anymore — it hurt. But with the severity of life that my mother got, she herself stood up and brought up my brother and me decent people. For which I am very grateful to her."

Dmitry was engaged in sambo, judo, gymnastics. As a child, he got into the cinema, starred in the newsreel "Yeralash", but he entered the theater institute only after the army. At first, after graduating from school, Dmitry became a student of the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute.

During his studies, the young man began to dance. He was detained with currency and could have been imprisoned. He escaped criminal prosecution by joining the army. He served in the air defense near Vologda.

In September 1990, during a rehearsal of a play at the Theater Institute, Nagiyev suffered facial nerve paralysis. It was a terrible diagnosis for the actor. The recovery took six months, the effects of paralysis remained for life.

In 1991, after receiving his diploma, Nagiyev worked at the Vremya Theater, then was a presenter on Modern radio.

Dmitry Nagiyev was recognized four times as the best radio host of the country.

Dmitry Nagiyev 's creative path

At the Institute, Nagiyev met Sergey Rost. They worked together on Modern radio, starred in the humorous TV series "Beware, Modern!" and "Full Modern!", hosted the talk show "One Night" on STS and TNT, and in the early noughties wrote jokes for some KVN teams. Also in 1997, Nagiyev and Rost starred in Alexander Nevzorov's film "Purgatory". Nagiyev played his first major film role - the Chechen field commander Dukuz Israpilov.

After Rosta left the Modern team, Nagiyev continued acting in the spin-offs "Beware, Zadov!" and "Zadov in Reality".

According to polls, Dmitry Nagiyev is one of the sex symbols of the late nineties and early two thousandth years.

In 2000-2008 Dmitry Nagiyev played in the detective television series "Kamenskaya". In 2012-2016, he played the role of the owner of the restaurant "Claude Monet" in the sitcom "Kitchen". Also in 2014, he participated in the full-length version of this sitcom: "Cuisine in Paris". In parallel, the actor starred in the TV series "Two fathers and two sons" and "Physical education Teacher".

In 2016, Dmitry Nagiyev was recognized as the richest actor in Russia according to Forbes magazine: his annual income was $ 3.2 million.

In the film "The Russian Cross" he played Captain Yakovlev, in "The Rock Climber and the Last of the Seventh Cradle" — Colonel Baker.

A significant role of Judas Iscariot went to Nagiyev in Vladimir Bortko's TV series based on Mikhail Bulgakov's novel "The Master and Margarita".

As a director, Nagiyev appeared in the comedy series "Camera, Motor!", where he reflected the backstage of show business.

In 2014 , two comedies with the participation of Nagiyev were released: "The Territory of Ja" and "Contused, or Freestyle Swimming Lessons". In the "Shell-shocked..." Nagiyev met again with his partner in the "Kitchen" Viktor Khorinyak. They were accompanied by Maria Baeva, Yuri Stoyanov, Mikhail Efremov.

In 2015 , the premieres of the following projects with the participation of Nagiyev took place: "Horoscope for good luck", "One left", "The best day!", "Cage". In 2016, Nagiyev appeared in the films "All about men" and "Super-bad", voiced the cartoons "Smeshariki. The Legend of the Golden Dragon" and "Sinbad. Pirates of the Seven Storms."

In February 2017, work on the film "Kitchen. The last battle." In the same year, the premiere of the fantastic comedy "Sorcerers" ("Paradox"), the directorial debut of Roman Doronin in the big cinema, was supposed to take place, but did not take place. In this sequel to the legendary Soviet film, Dmitry played the role of the director of NIICHMO.

In 2018, he played Vitaly Kaloev in the film Unforgiven by Sarik Andreasyan.

Since 2013, the famous showman has participated in the advertising campaign of the Russian mobile operator MTS. In 2015, he became the advertising face of the Eurasia restaurant chain in St. Petersburg.

Nagiyev hosted the programs "Telecompact", "The burden of money", the talk show "Windows", the final show of the project "House" on TNT in 2003. Since 2005, he has worked as a presenter on Channel One. Also since 2005, Nagiyev has been hosting the sports and entertainment show "Big Races". Since October 2012, he has been a presenter on the Voice project, including in February 2014, he began hosting The Voice. Children", and in September 2018 — "Voice. 60+".

In May-June 2019, a scandal broke out with the participation of Nagiyev due to the cheating of voices in the show "The Voice.Children". Then Dmitry said that he was ready to give up the position of presenter, because for him there is nothing more expensive than his own reputation.

In 2011, Nagiyev, together with Natalia Andreichenko, hosted the reality show "Mother in Law" on the Pepper TV channel. In 2012-2016, Dmitry Nagiyev and Ivan Urgant conducted the annual Golden Gramophone ceremony.

On December 20, 2012, Dmitry replaced Vadim Galygin in the voice-over of "Jokes of Russian Radio". For several years, the showman was a member of the jury of the KVN Higher League.

In May 2017, Dmitry Nagiyev became the host of the vocal and game project of the First Channel "Winner".

Dmitry began his musical career in 2004: he wrote the song "I'm her Hoi" and performed it with the group "Russian Size" and Professor Lebedinsky. This parody of Dragostea Din Tei by the O-Zone group was kept in the top of the Golden Gramophone radio program on Russian radio for several weeks. Then, together with the "Russian Size" and with Sergei Rogozhin, Nagiyev recorded the song "My Butterfly".

Nagiyev told about the filming in "Sorcerers" as follows: "For me, what is happening on the set is extremely strange. I never smile, I play a very dry man in a pseudo-SS raincoat… God grant that this fantastic, strange action that takes place on the site, subsequently aroused the wild interest of the audience. I myself am extremely interested to see what happens, because the work is very unusual. It's difficult for me to "not bother with my face," and the director forbids even the movement of an eyebrow."

Personal life of Dmitry Nagiyev

Dmitry was married to actress and radio presenter Alla Nagiyeva (maiden name Shchelishcheva, pseudonym - Alice Sher). On August 31, 1989, the couple's son Kirill Nagiyev was born. Subsequently, Kirill chose an acting profession.

When the boy was 12 years old, Dmitry and Alla divorced. A few years before the official divorce, Alla wrote the books "I was Dmitry Nagiyev's wife" and "How never to get married. Harmful advice from Dmitry Nagiyev's ex-wife."

After the scandalous breakup with his wife, Nagiyev hid his personal life. He was credited with a seven-year civil marriage with Natalia Kovalenko, who worked as his administrator, an affair with singer and actress Irina Temicheva and a secret marriage to a girl not from the acting environment, followed by the birth of a son.

In 2016 , Nagiyev made a comment about his personal life: "Anyone who loves an artist should respect his personal space, because, believe me, I have very little of it. I wouldn't want to walk with someone holding a pen on the cover of a glossy magazine."

Filmography of actor Dmitry Nagiyev

Homeland (2019)

Christmas Adventures (2018), voice acting

Another comedy about a loser (2017), University teacher

Wizards (2017), Director of NIICHMO

Kitchen. The Last Battle (2017)

As an Angel (2017)

A Physical education teacher saves Russia (2016)

Sinbad. Pirates of the Seven Storms (2016), Antioch, voice acting

Smeshariki. The Legend of the Golden Dragon (2016), Diesel, voice acting

Super Bad (2016)

All about Men (2016), Othello

The Cage (2015), Moser

Bison Hunting (2015)

The best day ever! (2015), Petya Vasyutin

One left (2015), Maxim

Horoscope for good luck (2015), dwarf astrologer

Physical education teacher (2014-2016), Oleg Evgenievich Fomin

The Territory of Ja (2014), Nikanor

Contused, or Freestyle Swimming Lessons (2014), Taras Totovets

Cuisine in Paris (2014), Dmitry Vladimirovich Nagiyev, owner of the restaurant Claude Monet

Two Fathers and Two Sons (2013), Pavel Gurov

Polar Flight (2013), Yuri Nikolaevich

Courier from Paradise (2013), Orlovsky

What men do! (2013)

A man with a guarantee (2012), Vladimir

The Territory of Ja(2012)

Kitchen (2012), Dmitry Vladimirovich Nagiyev, owner of the restaurant Claude Monet

The Last Car (2011)

Mayakovsky. Two days (2011)

If only (2011)

Rzhevsky vs Napoleon (2011), glamorous French officer

Pilot of International Airlines (2011), Emelyan Streshnev

Two pistols. The Elusive Diamond (2011), Diamond

Kamenskaya-6 (2011)

Masquerade Rules (2011), Igor Druzhinin

Run (2011), Ilya Mokhov

Yesterday LIVE (2010)

The Capital of Sin (2010), Roman - Romeo

Frozen Dispatches (2010), Alexander Gromov

Russian Cross (2010), Captain of State Security Yakovlev

Robinson (2009), Pavel

My Widow's Husband (2009), Albert Castandi

Burdocks (2009), Alain Delon


April 4, 1967
Dmitry Nagiyev was born in Saint Petersburg.


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