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Djed Web

Djed Web

Djed Web is a web site created using create-react-app.

As you may have heard from our previous post, we are launching an implementation of the Djed stablecoin protocol on Milkomeda C1 testnet for the entire community to have an opportunity to safely experiment with one of the newest DeFi protocols in the space. As this is on Milkomeda C1 testnet, there is no risk of losing money, but instead acts as a learning experience where users can get free testnet milkADA to test the protocol out.

In this post we will take you step-by-step through the entire process of setting up a wallet, getting testnet tokens from the faucet, all the way to buying and selling testnet StableDjed and ReserveDjed in the web dApp!


June 7, 2022
Getting Started With Milkomeda Djed On C1 Testnet


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