Destin AI

Destin AI

Destin AI is an AI powered immigration assistance chatbot platform founded by Nargiz Mammadova.

Destin AI is a Toronto based Artificial Intelligence company providing virtual immigration assistant through an internet chatbot. The company connects immigration experts with people looking for immigration consultancy to Canada. The Destin.AI team are a group of immigrants who understand the legal aspect of immigration through their own experience. The data is used to ease the immigration process for other applicants. The Destin chatbot is built upon the Facebook Messenger platform and uses natural language processing for conversations.

As of March 2014, data has shown there are 45 million people who want to immigrate to Canada. The number of immigrants in Canada in 2018 is over 300,000 with over 450,000 temporary resident immigrants. The Canadian government announced its plan to admit more than a million immigrants between 2019 to 2021. Destin.AI helps interested candidates to access eligibility, ask questions, and find appropriate lawyers to save time and streamlines the process. Destin.AI provides applicants with choices in choosing lawyers based on the data they have provided.


Destin AI operates on a Facebook messenger platform where interested visitors talk and ask questions about the immigration process, check eligibility, find lawyers and support to prepare documents. The platform understands the legal system in multiple countries including Australia, China, Untied Kingdom. United States, Singapore, and Dubai to offer advice to residents of the respective countries.

After the initial acquaintance, the company recommends a lawyer to the applicant to prepare legal documents to complete the application process. The applicants can also choose to prepare their own documents without the lawyers involvement. During this time, Destin.AI keeps track of the progress and sends updates to the applicant. The lawyer’s fees are paid through the Destin.AI’s platform cutting down the days required for the lawyers to receive their money through the traditional approach.

The lawyers and law firms are charged a subscription fee for being listed on the platform. As of June 2018, Destin.AI only works with immigration lawyers accredited from the Canadian Law Society. The company plans to open the platform to paralegals and immigration consultants in the future.


The company with their web-based artificial intelligence chat platform launched on July 7, 2018. The idea for a digital immigration assistant started when Nargiz Mammadova, the founder of Destin.AI faced problems when she tried to move to Canada. After the idea, Nargiz started working with Turgut Jabbarli, co-founder of Cortera AI to build a AI startup. Soon after Mahammad Ismayilzada, Head of Engineering joined and Zeynab Ziaie, an immigration lawyer, started helping with the legal aspects of immigration. On October 2017, the company received $10,000 grant from Toronto City Hall and Jusoor Disruptor Labs.




Anette Jingco

Marketing Specialist

Emma Tsai

UX/UI Designer

Jodi Zhang

Legal Researcher

Mahammad Ismayilzada


Nargiz Mammadova

Founder and CEO

Onita Hakimi

UX/UI Designer

Yangqi Xu

Head of Operations

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Jun 22, 2018




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