Deep Space Ventures

Deep Space Ventures

Deep Space Ventures invests in early-stage business-to-business companies in Dallas, Texas.

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Deep Space Ventures was a venture capital firm based in Dallas, Texas. The firm preferred to invest in seed and series-A rounds, primarily in the e-sports and B2B SaaS companies.

The investment focus is primarily on markets where they felt innovation was taking place, the cost to operate a business was relatively low, and there was a lack of seed capital available relative to the early stage opportunities that exist. Some people call these markets "flyover cities" or "tier 2 and tier 3" startup ecosystems. Deep Space Ventures consider them to be the capital efficient markets where their capital and strategic value can go a long way to help a founding team achieve their goals.


Deep Space Ventures' investments included, Quarterback, Ateyo, FanAI, Mycroft AI, CounterFind, OpTic Gaming, Selery Fulfillment,, Haste, Battlefy, Meta SaaS and Legalinc.

Their exited investments include Meta SaaS and


On August 8, 2018 Deep Space Ventures stopped investing after the arrest of Managing Director and Founder Stephen Hays for alleged assault. Since this incident, Stephen Hays has started a podcast, called Stigma, to talk about his struggles around addiction and mental illness and started What If Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on mental health and addiction startups.



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