Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct

A cybersecurity company that applies deep learning to cybersecurity.

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Deep Instinct

A cybersecurity company that applies deep learning to cybersecurity.


Deep Instinct is a startup company that provides cybersecurity solutions and applies artificial intelligence's deep learning to cybersecurity.

Deep learning is the simulation of the brain’s ability to learn, recognize objects and their identification becomes second nature. By equipping cybersecurity with deep learning technology, enterprises can have real-time protection against unknown and evasive cyber-attacks from any source. It uses neural networks and deep learning algorithms to instinctively recognize and deter advanced relentless threats in real-time on any device, platform and operating system.

Its research team is led by Dr. Eli David, one of the leading researchers in the field of computational intelligence. It is the juncture of mathematics and cybersecurity. The team includes veterans of cybersecurity military experts, researchers, cybersecurity scientists and executives from global security vendors and experts in mathematics with experience in operational cybersecurity.


It won the Frost and Sullivan award for Technology Innovation in 2017.

Guy Caspi, a leading Mathematician and data science global expert founded Deep Instinct in 2014, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Documentaries, videos and podcasts


Deep Instinct Overview - By NVIDIA for the Inception Award

11 May 2017

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