Data Systems International

Data Systems International

Data Systems International is a Kansas City, Missouri-based company.

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Data Systems International

Cloud Inventory® Solutions and Mobile-First Supply Chain Apps for the Digital Economy


Data Systems International® (DSI) is a digital supply chain platform that has created first-rate Cloud Inventory® and mobile-first supply chain solutions. DSI specializes in inventory management as a complete horizontal process, from manufacturing, to distribution, to the final mile, and they serve over 3,000 customers in more than 50 countries. DSI excels and helps customers achieve their supply chain goals through their four value props: optimization, compliance, revenue generation, and productivity.

DSI offers a wide range of products that helps companies build a competitive advantage. Their Cloud Inventory® management applications include: (1) Inventory Management, which tracks inventory transfers and movements across multiple locations, cross-docking, and cycle counts; (2) Field Inventory™, which gets more jobs completed per day, accelerates the work order-to-cash cycle, maximizes calls completed in a day, and sends the correct information and parts for the job; (3) Direct Store Delivery, which performs real-time inventory checks, delivery confirmations with signature captures, creates and manages profiles, and improves delivery performance; (4) Receiving and Putaway, which tracks PO receiving, transfer orders, directed putaway, and has barcoded label printing functionality; (5) Manufacturing Support, which shows visibility on work orders, component picking, and assembly build; (6) Route Sales, which allows users to view current and future routes to track mileage, initiate replenishment and resolve issues on the spot, improves personnel productivity, and reduces manual-intensive paper based processes; (7) Order Fulfillment, which allows for single and multi-order picking, tote-based picking, zone picking, and the ability to configurate wave management; (8) Customer Engagement, which includes a product locator app, real-time inventory and order accuracy, and helps build customer loyalty; (9) Packing and Shipping, which includes packing list printing, ship label printing (FedEx, UPS, USPS/Endicia), packing and carton verification (QC), can assign ship license plates, and has a label designer.

Their Add-On Products include an Enterprise Printing Platform™, Print Envoy, Insights, Hardware, IoT and M2M, and Integrations. DSI also has ERP apps including Oracle SCM Cloud, Scanworkx® Enterprise for Dynamics, and Scanworks™ for IFS.



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