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Dan Abramov (software engineer)

Dan Abramov (software engineer)

Software engineer at Facebook and co-author of the Create React App and Redux.

Dan Abramov is a software engineer at Facebook. Together with Andrew Clark, he created Redux. He also co-authored the Create React App. He is married to Kseniya Abramova and is currently living in London, United Kingdom.

Early life

Growing up in Russia, Abramov’s interest in programming was first piqued when he was 12 years old, with his exploration of Microsoft PowerPoint features. His first programming language was VisualBasic, which he learned from books. Abramov started learning JavaScript when he was 14 years old, when his step-father requested him to develop a database to track information of photoshoots. After graduating high school, Abramov started studying in university but chose not to complete it after receiving a job as a C# developer in DataArt.


In 2015, Abramov started working in London for Facebook as part of the React Core team to develop Facebook’s open-source user interface (UI) tool, React.js. He started using React for front-end development when he was working with a U.S-based startup, Stampsy in 2014. While he was working at Facebook, Abramov also developed Redux with Andrew Clark – a JavaScript library used to manage application state.



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