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Dai (cryptocurrency)

Dai (cryptocurrency)

Dai is a type of cryptocurrency known as a stablecoin.

Dai is a type of cryptocurrency known as a stablecoin developed by MakerDAO. Dai is a collateral-backed cryptocurrency with the value worth $1 USD. Dai achieves price stability by being backed by a diversified portfolio of other assets of value. MakerDAO is transparent about their collateral backing Dai, and anyone can view information about the locked collateral backing Dai through the companies website, as well as its safety profile.

The Dai cryptocurrency offers a stable store of value within the cryptocurrency marketplace, and also can be used for purchases of other cryptocurrencies or merchants accepting cryptocurrencies at the point of sale. Businesses can use Dai to make loans that have low volatility, are stable, and predictable. Dai also allows business to reduces costs of fees associated with their supply chains and international trades due to low fees associated with using the Dai cryptocurrency.


December 18, 2017
Dai becomes the first live cryptocurrency stablecoin

Dai launches on the Ethereum mainnet.



Andy Milenius

Matt Richards

Nikolai Mushegian

Rune Christensen

Soren Peter Nielsen

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