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Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency (DIP)

Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency (DIP)

Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency (DIP) is an organization that partners with local businesses to strengthen the digital industry.


Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency (DIP) is a South Korea-based organization focusing on promoting the city of Daegu as a technology hub. It was founded in 2001 and initially focused on supporting companies and businesses within the software industry. It has expanded its partnerships with other sectors within the technology industry, including media and gaming.

DIP Landing Page

The purpose of DIP is to foster businesses and organizations in the digital sector so it can lead to economic growth at both local and national levels. DIP states its mission is to foster new digital technologies, support small and medium enterprises in the technology industry, and support local companies entering the global market.


DIP has opened centers throughout the Daegu region and surrounding areas. The purpose of the centers is to act as places where entrepreneurs and business people can go to develop their ideas regarding technology. Some examples of centers include Daegu Webtoon Campus, Daegu Smart Media Center, and Daegu Global Game Center.


December 1, 2001
Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency (DIP) is founded.


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