DDEX is a DDEX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

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The exchange allows decentralized, instant, secure, real-time order matching with on-chain settlement. Users do not need to register to trade on DDEX, they only need to connect to the platforms website using their browser, or through the platforms mobile applications (available for IOS and Android) using one of their supported cryptocurrency wallets (Ledger and Metamask) or dApp browsers (TRUST, Toshi, CIPHER, Dapp Browser, Digital WallteWallet, and imToken).


DDEX was originally built using the 0x protocol, but on December 14, 2018 DDEX announced that it is leaving the 0x ecosystem and will begin using their own Hydro protocol. The Hydro protocol allows DDEX to create their own smart contracting ecosystem. The company commented on their departure from 0x stating "we believe that modularity and standardization will lead to greater innovation over time".


Venture round

On March 6, 2018 DDEX announced receiving $2.1 million in venture capital from Initialized Capital (lead investor) and ZhenFund.

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