Crossover (company)

Crossover (company)

Crossover is an Austin, Texas-based online talent marketplace offering prospective employees and employers the opportunity to find talent independent of location.

Crossover is an Austin, Texas-based online talent marketplace. Crossover was founded in 2014 by Andy Tryba on the belief that there is talent distributed worldwide but the opportunities for that talent is not. They work to find, test, assemble and manage cloud-based teams. They operate in over 108 countries.

For prospective employees, Crossover gives them a marketplace where they can place themselves. And, for those prospective employees, Crossover offers them assistance for online skills training and offer them the opportunity to develop themselves and their talent. In this way, Crossover believes they can help those using their system and raise the standard of living around the world. Crossover believes they offer the prospective employees to ability to find long-term contracts and competitive compensation. The jobs offered through Crossover are location-independent, multi-year in duration and offer high hourly rates by United States employment standards.

For employers, Crossover believes they offer the companies and corporations the opportunity to find global talent without having to pay for the talent to relocate or invest in overseas facilities.




Agustin Raffo

Business Development Manager

Ahmet Feyzi Ates

Software Architect, Python

Alex Gros

Global Sourcing Specialist

Alexandra Monica Almasan

Global IT Sourcing Specialist

Ana Moldovan

Executive Recruiter

Anca-Maria Ghisa

Executive Recruiter

Andrea Rosales

Executive Recruiter

Ashok Makhija

Customer Success Manager

Asude Arslan

Executive Recruiter

Ayotomide Oladipo

Professional Services Engineer

Ben Zhong

Professional Services Senior Engineer

Bharti Sharma

Productivity Coach

Chad Weiss

Pre-Sales Engineer

Dana Dean

Business Development Manager

Daniel Cabral

Executive Recruiter

Dhinakar Poomal

Director, Professional Services

Dimitrios Douras

Software Architect, Front End

Dragos Nuta

Software Engineering Manager

Elianti Piedad

Professional Services Engineer

Gonzalo de Salterain

UI/UX Designer

Hilary York

Professional Services Consultant

Isabelle Adviento

Platform Support Manager

Jackeline Estrada

Customer Success Manager

Jake May

Executive Recruiter

Jennifer Laquindanum

Marketplace Management Team Lead

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Peter Cao
November 22, 2020
While Apple's M1-powered Macs are stupid-fast and efficient, there are some drawbacks to consider. Most notably, Apple's Boot Camp didn't make the jump. Not all is lost, though, as CrossOver, an app that enables you to run Windows apps on macOS, will work on your shiny new machine.
Nathan Ingraham
November 19, 2020
Apple's new M1-powered Macs appear to meet the company's audacious speed claims, but there are still some drawbacks compared to Intel Macs. One thing that's getting lost in the transition to M1 is Boot Camp, a tool that allowed you to install and run Windows on a separate partition of your Mac's hard drive. Obviously, there's no version of Windows that can run on the M1 chip, so Boot Camp is off the table for now.
Tina Reed
July 15, 2020
Amazon has teamed up with direct primary care provider Crossover Health to pilot health centers near its fulfillment centers and operations facilities in Texas to be made available exclusively to the tech giant's employees and their families.


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