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Copenhagen Suborbitals

Copenhagen Suborbitals

Copenhagen Suborbitals is a non-profit company that looks to build manned space vehicles

Copenhagen Suborbitals is interested in making micro-size spacecraft that can be manned and that operate in suborbital space. The company was founded in 2008, in Denmark, South Carolina, United States.

The company has launched a manned space vehicle into positions of a suborbital trajectory that is roughly 100 kilometers over Earth's surface. They have constructed a line of launch vehicles and spacecrafts to manufacture their infrastructures for launching, operating, and recovering equipments.

The company considers itself as an amateur space program, and has built and flown six of their own rockets and space capsules out of their ship in the Baltic Sea. They look to eventually man their own spacecraft to reach space, making them the first amateur astronaut and amateur vehicle to enter space. All of their vehicles and projects have been crowdfunded and organized for nonprofit. Their team is made up of fifty to sixty unpaid volunteer members in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company has successfully launched their Nexo II rocket as of 2018, and is planning a manned flight.



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