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Columbia Technology Ventures

Columbia Technology Ventures

Columbia Technology Ventures engages in the facilitation of technology transfer services for the Columbia University.

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Columbia Technology Ventures

Columbia Technology Ventures engages in the facilitation of technology transfer services for the Columbia University.


Founded in 2009, Columbia Technology Ventures is the technology transfer office for Columbia University and is headquartered at New York City, New York. The firm prefers to make venture capital investments with a particular focus on start-up companies.


Columbia Technology Ventures manages Columbia's intellectual property portfolio and serves as the university's gateway for companies and entrepreneurs seeking novel technology solutions. Their core mission is to facilitate the transfer of inventions from academic research to outside organizations. Each year, Columbia Technology Ventures evaluates more than 350 innovations from faculty, students and researchers working in a Columbia lab for potential commercialization, including patents and licensing deals.



Amilda Agosto

Administrative Assistant

Amy Bechelli

Data Manager

Andrea Beharry

Assistant Director, Administration

Anna Froneberger

Compliance Analyst

Barry Day

NYSERDIA EIR Program and Cleantech Venture Exchange Downstate Program Development Manager

Belinda Marrell

Compliance Analyst

Brad Crutchfield

Accounts Payable Analyst

Brady Butterfield

Portfolio Analyst

Connolly Jurkiewicz

Marketing Analyst

Daniel Goetzel

Executive Director, Cyber NYC

Deepra Yusuf

Program Coordinator, Cyber NYC

Dmytro Pokhylko

Director, Lab-to-Market Accelerator Network

Dovina Qu

Technology Licensing Officer

Elizabeth Beerman

Director, Contracts and Compliance

Han Michael Chen

Accounts Receivable Analyst

Ismaila Fall

Director, Information Technology

Jack Steele

Marketing Manager, Lab-to-Market Accelerator Network

Jim Aloise

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Johan Klarin

NYSERDA EIR Program and Cleantech Venture Exchange Upstate Program Development Manager

Julia Byrd

Associate Director, PowerBridgeNY

Lisa Pun

Budget Analyst

Lola Kavonic

Program Administrator, Lab-to-Market Accelerator Network

Marina Blinova

Assistant Director of Marketing

Marques Owens

Accounts Receivable Analyst

Ofra Weinberger

Director of Licensing

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Columbia Technology Ventures Ignites Innovation Across the University | Columbia News

Georgette Jasen


June 06, 2018

New York City
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