Coastal Grove Partners

Coastal Grove Partners

Coastal Grove Partners is a venture capital firm investing in early stage technology startup companies.

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Coastal Grove Partners provides its services to domestic and international investors seeking ways to invest in Los Angeles' booming technology ecosystem.

Through direct and follow on investments with Los Angeles focused technology investment funds, Coastal Grove Partners establishes equity positions in the most promising technology startups across the following industry sectors: retail technology and ecommerce, internet of things, financial technology, consumer, social and mobile technology, big data, B2B, SaaS, and gaming, media and entertainment technologies.

Whether an active technology investor, or new to technology investing, Coastal Grove Partners offers services designed to help invest in Los Angeles' technology startup ecosystem. Coastal Grove Partners is available through both investment consulting services and fund investment vehicles.


Coastal Grove Partners uses a fund of funds investments strategy to balance risk diversification and growth potential and believe by investing in Los Angeles' technology industry they increase the likelihood of higher return on investments for their investors.



Ali Mahrouyan, MBA

Managing Director

Argishd Galustian

Managing Director

Lisa Riedmiller


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1055 W. 7th Street, 33rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017
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