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Clean meat

Clean meat

Clean meat is a term coined by The Good Food Institute representing meat products made using cellular agriculture and tissue engineering techniques. Other terms for clean meat include: cultured meat, in-vitro meat, and synthetic meat.

The term "clean meat" was born out of two surveys done by The Good Food Institute testing the consumer appeal of different terms for cellular agricultural meat products. Over 4,300 people were surveyed on their willingness to buy meat products made via cellular agriculture based on the product name. Beef and chicken made through cellular agriculture were the two meats tested. All information regarding what the product actually is stayed the same for each experimental term. The terms used in the surveys representing cellular agricultural meat products were "meat 2.0", "cultured meat", "pure meat", "safe meat", and "clean meat".

The results of the survey showed that "safe meat" and "clean meat" were performing the best, with "safe meat" performing slightly better for chicken products than "clean meat". However, The Good Food Institute came to the conclusion that "clean meat" will be best for cellular agriculture based meat products. The term "safe meat" is slightly misleading because there are still most of the health concerns arising from cellular agriculturally produced meat compared to traditional meat products.

The Good Food Institute recommends supporters and companies making tissue engineered meat products, or meat products made via cellular agriculture, use the term clean meat stating "The more we tissue engineering supporters use "clean meat" to refer to the product in press releases, speeches, websites, product packaging, and other public communications, the more likely we will be to overcome the early but critical hurdle of generating public support for a novel product.".



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