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Clari helps B2B organizations increase win rates, shorten sales cycles, improve forecast accuracy and drive full funnel accountability across their revenue engine.

Clari is a company that helps organizations carry out forecasting, pipeline management and revenue intelligence. Its Revenue Operations Platform makes entire revenue process efficient and predictable.

Clari is a connected revenue operations platform that uses automation and AI to unlock all the activity data captured in key business systems such as marketing automation, CRM, email, calendar, phone, content management, conversations, and more.

Clari automatically aligns that data to accounts and opportunities, to deliver visibility, forecasting,and apply predictive insights, which results in more insight, less guesswork, and more predictable revenue. Clari helps companies by changing their revenue operations to be more connected, efficient, and predictable. Clari's platform is used by hundreds of sales, marketing, and customer success teams at B2B companies such as Qualtrics, Lenovo, Adobe, Dropbox, and Okta to control pipeline, audit deals and accounts, forecast the business, and reduce churn.

Clari was founded by Venkat Rangan and Andy Byrne in 2013 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.


March 2021
Clari raises a $150,000,000 series E round from B Capital Group, Bain Capital Ventures, Madrona Venture Group, Sapphire Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Silver Lake Partners, Tenaya Capital and Thomvest Ventures.
October 10, 2019
Clari $60M Series D on valuation of around $500M

Sapphire Ventures led the round with Madrona Venture Group and existing investors Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital Ventures and Tenaya Capital. The investment brings the total raised to $135 million, according to the company.

October 2019
Clari raises a $60,000,000 series D round from Bain Capital Ventures, Madrona Venture Group, Sapphire Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Tenaya Capital.
June 2014
Clari raises a $20,000,000 series B round from Bain Capital Ventures, Northgate Capital and Sequoia Capital.
April 2014
Clari raises a $6,000,000 series A round from Sequoia Capital.

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Ron Miller
October 10, 2019
Clari uses AI to help companies find key information like the customers most likely to convert, the state of orders in the sales process or the next big sources of revenue. As its revenue management system continues to flourish, the company announced a $60 million Series D investment today. Sapphire Ventures led the round with [...]
Ron Miller
Invalid Date
Clari started out as a company that wanted to give sales teams more information about their sales process than could be found in the CRM database. Today, the company announced a much broader platform, one that can provide insight across sales, marketing and customer service to give a more unified v...


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