CareSkore is a healthcare technology company that provides personalized population health management.

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ACareSkore deepis learninga basedhealthcare technology company that provides personalized population health management company.


CareSkore is a healthcare technology company founded in 2014 and headquartered in California. CareSkore uses machine learning to aggregate and normalize patient data.

Risk Stratification

CareSkore aggregates and normalizes patient data using machine learning. Per-patient predictions are made and risk profiles of patient population are constructed, providing the leading factors for each risk.

AI-based Communication

CareSkore IRIS is an automated patient engagement platform that offloads tasks from providers while delivering involvement of patients. Tasks such as reminding the patient to take medication, or dispatching transport for patients over a certain risk threshold, are performed automatically.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

CareSkore enables tracking time and bills against all current chronic care management (CCM) and complex chronic care management (complex CCM) billing codes.

Population Health Management

CareSkore provides existing health care IT systems access to its machine-learning-based analytics engine, Zeus, through an API call. EHRs, middleware platforms, enterprise data warehouses, clinical information networks, and health information exchanges that are already deployed can provide Zeus with real-time data. Zeus provides output in the form of patient-specific predictive analytics.

Care Plans

CareSkore applies care plans per diagnosis, and allows customization as needed. Care plans are adaptive and specific to each patient.

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