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CareConnectors is a healthcare information exchange network company founded by Sanjay Patil.

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Care Connectors CareConnectors

Healthcare information exchange network company.


CareconnectorsCareConnectors is a California based technology company that provides infrastructure and technology support for implementing private healthcare information exchange for healthcare enterprises. The company builds standards based, interoperable, bi-directional, and payload agnostic technology to collect healthcare data and make it available for healthcare providers. CareconnectorsCareConnectors implementation of data retrieval and analysis available across multiple access points makes it convenient for healthcare professionals and patients.


Providing data connectivity, data interoperability, data liquidity, and actionable data are the main ambitions of the company. CareconnectorCareConnector’s connect platform works with healthcare companies that generate data from medical devices, tele-health, biometrics, genomicsgenomics, mobile applications, and wearables.


When a healthcare service provider wants to create information exchange system, they need to build their own infrastructure, understand the complexities related with multiple electronic healthcare record systems, maintain compliance standards set by US Law and secure the data during transit and storage. CareconnectorCareConnectors provides interoperability with over 900 electronic healthcare record systems to make data from multiple sources accessible with their Connect Platform API. The company works with healthcare service providers to build upon existing infrastructure using industry standard technology followed by leading healthcare providers.


Dr Sanjay Patil founded Careconnectors in 2013. whoDr. Patil is a Harvard trained Cardiologist and MIT trained Technologist.

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