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CanSino Biologics

CanSino Biologics

CanSino Biologics (CanSinoBIO) is a bio pharmaceutical company primarily producing vaccines.

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In April 2020, CanSino Biologics advanced its vaccine candidate candidate, Ad5-nCoV, into Phase II trials (Chinese registration number: ChiCTR2000030906). CanSino Biologics (CanSinoBIO) is collaborating with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to advance bioprocessing and clinical development of vaccine candidate against COVID-19, Ad5-nCoV. Ad5-nCoV was co-developed by the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology (BIB) and CanSinoBIO. A genetically engineering replication-defective adenovirus type 5 vector was used to express the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein which is produced in HEK293 cell lines designed and developed at the NRC. As of May 12, 2020, the vaccine is subject to approval by Health Canada for a Clinical Trial Application being filed by CanSinoBIO. As a preparatory step the Government of Canada announced $44 million in funding to support upgrades to NRC facilities in Montreal to ensure readiness for Canadian bioprocessing of potential vaccine candidates.

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