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Buryat Research Institute of Agriculture

Buryat Research Institute of Agriculture

State Scientific Institution “Buryat Research Institute of Agriculture”

Buryat Research Institute of Agriculture is the first and the oldest institute in Transbaikalia. Its history starts from the moment of organization of Buryat Agricultural Experiment Station in 1931.

Nowadays Buryat RIA consists of 8 departments, 36 laboratories, 2 scientific sites, 2 base stations in the districts of Buryatia.

The Institute became known due to its research in the field of selection and genetics in crop and animal farming. The Institute continues research in these traditional fields but also studies natural resources which agriculture depends on and future-oriented lines of research connected to environmental changes and transformation of social and economic conditions.

Main research programmes

he Institute conducts basic research for improving the agricultural productivity under the conditions of Eastern Siberia, to deepen the knowledge of crop growth process and yield management under the sharp continental climate conditions, to develop techniques for sustainable farming and soil management, to adapt agricultural production to climate change.

1. Selection of unique plant varieties

The Institute scholars bred the unique varieties adapted to the extreme climate of Eastern Siberia: 31 varieties of spring sown cereals, pulse crops and cereal crops; 10 varieties of permanent legume grasses; 51 varieties of fruit and berry crops.

2. Agrochemical experiment of world-class

In Buryat RIA there is a long-term stationary field experiment for evaluation of fertilizer application under small grains on chestnut soils.

3. Nomadic cattle raising

New variety of domestic yak Okinskaya is bred. Scholars work under the variety upgrading, yaks live-weight increasing, and development of production from yak milk and meat.

4. Climate change impacts on agricultural production

The Institute scholars study regional climate change, processes of aridization, desertification and soil degradation; ecological changes and their impacts on agricultural crops productivity.

International cooperation

The Institute researchers have experience of work in international projects, with partners from different countries: USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Vietnam, China, and Mongolia.

Partnership with scholars of China and Mongolia is especially important due to the Institute geographic location. It includes implementation of joint research projects, conduction of joint scientific expeditions, scientific consultancy, technology transfer in crop and animal farming of Mongolia and China.



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