Brianne Kimmel

Brianne Kimmel

Brianne Kimmel is an angel investor and the founder of Work Life Ventures.

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Kimmel pioneered a program, for women, in low-income communities while at Kent State that was adopted by student-run non-profit organizations. Initially, she taught the program herself in: Santo DomingoSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic; New OrleansNew Orleans, LouisiannaLouisiana; and various locations throughout Northeast Ohio before graduating.


Now, Kimmel haswent foundedon to found Worklife Ventures in 2019, a venture capital and private equity firm that focuses on investing in tools and services for improving the work lives of employed individuals. Additionally, Kimmel has a strong focus on serving non-profits and causes she deems worthwhile on a personal and professional level, asThe notedfirm inmakes herinvestment publicdecisions support,within on24-48 LinkedIn,hours for, an internet ThinkTank, inspired by recent globalstartups eventsthat andare TikTokactively trendsraising.

Brianne Kimmel endorsed, an internet meme inspired Think Tank focused on raising money for causes benefiting racial injustice. has raised over $200,000 for three causes: Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund, The Okra Project, and The Innocence Project. Kimmel has listed this as a work experience labeled "#1 fan, proud mom, old [grandma emoji]."

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