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Bohdan Andriyovych Didytsky

Bohdan Andriyovych Didytsky

Ukrainian Muscovite writer, poet and journalist from Galicia.

Bohdan Andriyovych Didytsky 1827–1909. Ukrainian writer, editor, journalist from the Kingdom of Galicia and Vladimir, belonged to the Muscovite trend.

He was born in Uhniv, studied at the gymnasiums of Lviv and Przemyśl, and graduated from the University of Vienna.

From a young age he became interested in literature, under the influence of Taras Shevchenko and Ivan Kotlyarevsky he published a collection of "Songs of the Russian Kobzar", his poem "Buy-Tour Vsevolod, Prince of Kursk" gained some popularity.

He strongly opposed the attempt to impose on the Ukrainian language the Latin alphabet "On the inconvenience of the Latin alphabet in Russian writing." After 1848 he moved to positions close to Muscovite. He published a pamphlet "At one time he will learn Little Russian in Great Russian", in which he argued that there is one "Russian language" with two pronunciations. B. Didytsky's brochure was published anonymously and confiscated by the Austrian police.

As a journalist, Dedytsky took an active part in the publication of Slovo magazine and the Halytska Zorya-album almanac. He left memories of his own notes. Most of Didytsky's poems were written in paganism and devoid of significant artistic value. Published his translation of "Words about Igor's Regiment"

The real name of Bohdan Dedytsky was Theodosius, but after the revolution of 1848 he took the pseudonym Bohdan, which was a literal Slavic translation of his Greek name Theodosius.

From 1861 to 1871 he edited the newspaper Slovo, in which he published introductory articles for the Galician reader about the works of Shevchenko, Yulian Fedkovych and others. Through his efforts, the Lviv lithograph of A. Kostkevych in 1862 published the first portrait of Shevchenko in Galicia the size of a lithographic sheet. In 1863 the portrait was reprinted twice - a quarter of a sheet.

In 1866 he published in Lviv a textbook by Father Mykhailo Obrotsa "Russian Reader for the Lower Gymnasium" - for the first time in the state school program of Galicia were introduced works by Dnieper writers - Leonid Glibov, Eugene Hrebinka, M. Maksimovich, Taras Shevchenko. This textbook initiated the study of Shevchenko's works in schools of Ukraine.

He died in Lviv in 1909, buried in the common tomb of Galician Muscovites in Lychakiv Cemetery, field 72.


Dispute over the Russian alphabet - 1859

People's History of Russia - 1858

Stable - 1853

On the inconvenience of the Latin alphabet in Russian writing - 1859

Songs of the Russian Kobzar - 1853

Family notes - 1906

Buy-Tour Vsevolod, Prince of Kursk - 1860


Bohdan Andriyovych Didytsky was born.


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