Blackbird Ventures

Blackbird Ventures

Blackbird Ventures is an Australian venture company investing in global internet businesses.

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Established in 2012, Blackbird Ventures is a venture capital firm based in New South Wales, Australia. They provide seed investments for Australian entrepreneurs.

The company is known to provide financing for promising startups, businesses in their seed stage, and even to those ventures which are in a later phase in their journey. The company majorly invests in the tech sphere, spending heavily on AI, mobile, internet and software sectors.


Initially founded, in the year 2012, by Larry Marshall, the company is currently being run by its Co-Founders, Richard Baker, and Bill Bartee, both of whom also act as the Managing Directors at Blackbird Ventures.


The company has invested in over 40 ventures till January 2019. It has made investments in companies like in Canva, Autopilot, and Propeller among many others.

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