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Bit country

Bit country

The Platform for User-created Metaverses & Games with Opportunities to Earn.

Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network is a platform & blockchain ecosystem for user-created metaverses, games, and dApps. Community owners, influencers, KOLs, and individuals can launch their own metaverses for their members, fans, followers, families, and friends.

Bit.Country enables everyone to start their own metaverse for their people with the 3D world, NFTs, play-to-earn & build communities to earn, and takes community engagement to a new dimension on web3.0.

Bit Country building a network with an open protocol for managing & incentivizing communities using gamification. The concept is uniquely invented and inspired by the decentralization paradigm. Its vision is to allow anyone (especially new users to the blockchain) to create their communities, economies as Bit Country on the blockchain network.

In Bit.Country, everyone can start their own metaverse for their fans, followers, members, and fambam! Truly own your community and bring in the power of tokenized economy! Create a virtual world with NFTs for your Telegram group, Wechat group, Twitter followers, Facebook group.


February 12, 2022
Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities
February 1, 2022
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January 14, 2022
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December 22, 2021
[Announcement] Check NEER Reward, Kaosland Metaverse & Additional Rewards
November 27, 2021
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Bit.Country Metaverse Network


March 6, 2022

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November 25, 2021

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August 20, 2021

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September 3, 2021



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