Biohybrid robotics (Bio-syncretic robotics)

Biohybrid robotics (Bio-syncretic robotics)

Biohybrid robotics combines engineered artificial structures and living bio-systems.

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June 28, 2017

Light controlled 3D micromotors powered by bacteria

Gaszton Vizsnyiczai, Giacomo Frangipane, Claudio Maggi, Filippo Saglimbeni, Silvio Bianchi & Roberto Di Leonardo

NANOTEC-CNR, Institute of Nanotechnology, Soft and Living Matter Laboratory, Rome

"The synthetic components consist of 3D interconnected structures having a rotating unit that can capture individual bacteria into an array of microchambers so that cells contribute maximally to the applied torque. Bacterial cells are smooth swimmers expressing a light-driven proton pump that allows to optically control their swimming speed."

July 8, 2016

Phototactic guidance of a tissue-engineered soft-robotic ray

Park, Sung-Jin et al. Corresponding author Kevin Kit Parker.

Harvard University, Sogang University, Stanford University

Swimming robot mimics a ray fish (1/10 scale version) powered by cardiomyocytes genetically engineered to respond to light cues. The robot was built with microfabricated gold skeleton and rubber body.

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