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Beyond (cybersecurity company)

Beyond (cybersecurity company)

Beyond is an Israel-based cybersecurity company founded by Assaf Rappaport, Ami Luttwak, Yinon Costica, and Roy Reznik. The four co-founders previously started Adallom, which was acquired by Microsoft for $320 million in 2015.

Beyond is an Israel-based cybersecurity company which was founded in 2020 by Assaf Rappaport, Ami Luttwak, Yinon Costica, and Roy Reznik. The four co-founders previously worked together at Microsoft, which had acquired the quartet's first venture, cloud cybersecurity startup Adallom, for $320 million back in 2015.

In February 2020, the company announced it had raised $21 million in a venture funding round which was backed by Sequoia Capital Israel and Cyberstarts, a firm founded by Sequoia Capital general partner Gili Raanan.

Founding team

The company's founders are veterans of the cybersecurity industry and the Israeli defense and intelligence communities.

  • Assaf Rappaport is co-founder and CEO of Beyond. He was also CEO of Adallom. Following the acquisition of Adallom, Rappaport spent over 4 years at Microsoft's Tel Aviv office, serving as the general manager of the cloud security group and later as general manager of Microsoft Israel's R&D department. Rappaport was previously a consultant for McKinsey & Company and was a software engineer and project manager in the Israeli Defense Forces.
  • Ami Luttwak is the co-founder and CTO of Beyond. He was the CTO of Adallom prior to its acquisition by Microsoft. At Microsoft, Luttwak was the CTO of Microsoft's cloud security group and the CTO of Microsoft Israel's R&D group. Prior to Adallom, Luttwak was chief architect of Phonaris and served roles as an R&D team leader and group architect in the Israeli Intelligence Corps.
  • Roy Reznik is co-founder and vice president of research and development at Beyond. Reznik was previously co-founder and vice president of R&D at Adallom; following the acquisition by Microsoft, Reznik was the principal R&D group manager at Microsoft. Prior to co-founding Adallom, Reznik was a software engineer and later software team lead with the Israeli Defense Forces. Reznik was recognized in Forbes Israel's 2016 "30 Under 30" list and won first place in the 2011 Google Code Jam Israel.
  • Yinon Costica is co-founder and vice president of product at Beyond. He previously served as VP of product at Adallom, which he joined three years into that company's operations and stayed through the acquisition by Microsoft. Costica served as a principal program manager of cloud security at Microsoft's Tel Aviv office and later as partner director of cloud security product management in Microsoft's Seattle-area office. Costica previously served as a software developer, software engineering manager, and then headed up an engineering department in the Israeli Defense Forces.


February 2020
Beyond raises a $21,000,000 venture round from Cyberstarts VC and Sequoia Capital Israel.
Beyond was founded by Ami Luttwak, Assaf Rappaport, Roy Reznik and Yinon Costica.

Funding rounds



Co-founder and CTO

Co-founder and CEO

Co-founder and VP of research and development

Co-founder and VP of product

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