Ben Lamm

Ben Lamm

Ben Lamm is an American serial software and tech entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of Hypergiant, Conversable, Chaotic Moon Studios and Team Chaos.

Based in Austin, Texas, Lamm was named one of Adweek’s Top 10 Rising Tech Stars of 2017. In 2019, he won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Technology Innovator award.

Education and career

Lamm completed his bachelor in Finance and Accounting in 2004. During his junior year, Lamm started the eLearning company Simply Interactive, which built digital training programs for major corporations. Simply Interactive became the fourth largest eLearning company in the U.S. Lamm left the company in 2010, going on to found numerous startups over the next decade including Chaotic Moon Studios, Team Chaos, Conversable, and Hypergiant. He is considered a well-known figure and thought leader in the startup community and has invested in numerous startup companies. He is also the executive advisor of The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, mentor and investor at Techstars and partner at Capital Factory. Lamm is a regular columnist for Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, and AdWeek. He is an executive producer of two films.

Chaotic Moon Studios

Ben Lamm co-founded Chaotic Moon Studios in March 2010 along with Whurley and Mike Erwin. It is an Austin, Texas-based creative technology studio focused on software, mobile development and design. Chaotic Moon produced apps for clients including News Corp, Microsoft, Pizza Hut, Fox, CBS Sports, Sanrio, Betty Crocker, Starbucks, Best Buy, Groupon and Discovery Channel. The company is also active in hardware, making biometric tattoos, taser drones, restaurant touchscreens and Freewheel, a fitness tracker for wheelchairs. In 2012, Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavor and equity partner Silver Lake Partners announced that they had invested in Chaotic Moon Studios. In July 2015, Chaotic Moon was acquired by Accenture, the leading consulting and technology services company.

Team Chaos

Team Chaos is a Texas-based direct to consumer mobile gaming company, co-founded by Ben Lamm and Andrew Busey in 2013. The company created games including the interactive, collectible card game NBA Breakaway; the puzzle game Dragon Academy; and the collectible card game Elements: Broken Lands. In 2016, Team Chaos was acquired by San Francisco-based Zynga.


In 2016, Ben Lamm and Andrew Busey founded Conversable, an enterprise conversational intelligence platform for creating intuitive, on-demand, automated experiences on any messaging or voice channel including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, Amazon Echo and Google Home. The company represented innovations in conversational content, conversation commerce, and customer care for the digital age. Notable clients of the company include Viacom, Wingstop, Pizza Hut, Denny's, Marvel, and Whole Foods. In 2018, Conversable was acquired by LivePerson to augment their customer service and conversational commerce platform.


In 2018, Ben Lamm founded Hypergiant, which consults with Fortune 500 companies on artificial intelligence solutions, invents new AI tools and invests in AI-related startups. Mythic Ventures, Align Capital, Beringer Capital, and entrepreneur Tony Robbins all invested during the company's founding. Hypergiant customers include Wingstop, HarperCollins, Schlumberger, Bosch, and TGI Fridays. The company has partnerships with General Electric and Adobe.


Lamm is co-inventor of five US patents on social media, room-chat, multi-messaging, bot-messaging and customer service through chat.




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