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Bedford Machine & Tool, Inc

Bedford Machine & Tool, Inc

Bedford Machine & Tool, Inc is a manufacturing company that offers customized services. It is located in Bedford, Indiana.

Bedford Machine and Tool, Inc. is an Indiana-based is a custom manufacturing company. Services offered by the company include die cast tooling, large machining, CNC production, automation and engineering, and fabrication and painting.

The company looks to help customer create their ideas from start to finish. They offer services from the design stage through tooling, and then production. They company also looks to be responsible with recyclable by-products. The company is able to supply services to meet customer requirements, and operates with its partners CAP GroupLLC, Metal Technologies, Inc., and Bedford Recycling to provide their services.

The die cast tooling services include die rebuilds, refurbishments, replacement components, new cavity inserts, and die repair services to all types of dies. They offer high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, semi-permanent die casting, and forging dies.

The company has a facility that is 96,000 square feet, is equipped with 36 cranes, and is capable of handling 5 to 35 tons of equipment. They also have a variety of horizontal and vertical mills, lathes, grinders, band and cutoff saws, presses, and welding equipment.



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